A different kind of information point

Photograaph of the interviewer: Alicia Weigel

Alicia Weigel

Photograaph of the interviewee: Prof. Dr. Schleif

Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Schleif



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A robot nicknamed “Fiwi” should help with the workload at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems. You can learn more about Fiwi and what this robot can do in our #FHWSPodcast.

Robots can make everyday life easier for people. This is already happening today. Robots are found in industry and in homes everywhere. Alexa and Cortana help us through the day by taking voice commands, for example. Robotic lawn mowers cut our grass and robotic vacuum cleaners keep our homes tidy. Even very young children now have contact with robots in the form of dolls or toys. However, for robots to be used in the context of higher education is still somewhat unusual. At the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems (FIW), a robot nicknamed “Fiwi” is going to help out by serving as an information point. The robot’s nickname is based on the faculty’s name: FIW. Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Schleif talks about how Fiwi can help with the administrative workload in this #FHWSPodcast. Enjoy!

Download: Transcript of the #FHWSPodcasts (PDF)