The many facets of AI

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Alicia Weigel

Prof. Dr. Lutz Frühbrodt

Image by Johannes Untch

Podcast mit Prof. Dr. Lutz Frühbrodt #FHWSPodcast.

Under the leadership of Prof. Lutz Frühbrodt (Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities), FHWS students had an opportunity to take a closer look at AI as part of a multimedia reporting project. More on this topic in our #FHWSPodcast.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is capable of significantly more than many people are aware of. AI is used in many areas of our lives. However, some applications of AI are ethically controversial. In a multimedia reporting project, students in the master’s programme in Trade Journalism and Corporate Communications delved into this topic in cooperation with the University of Würzburg and HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management in Frankfurt. A variety of articles, podcasts and videos focus-sing on artificial intelligence were produced for the Science Year 2019. In our interview, Prof. Lutz Frühbrodt, Programme Director for Trade Journalism and Corporate Communications, talks about how it all came about and what role FHWS played in this project.

We hope you enjoy our #FHWSPodcast.

Download the transcript of this #FHWSPodcast in English (PDF)