Voice control of robots

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Alicia Weigel

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Prof. Dr. Martin Spiertz

Seit jeher kommunizieren Menschen über Sprache. Dass man aber auch Roboter mithilfe eines Algorithmus per Sprache steuern kann, erzählt Prof. Martin Spiertz im #FHWSPodcast.

Humans have communicated using spoken language since time immemorial. However, humans can also control robots with spoken language thanks to a computer algorithm. Prof. Martin Spiertz tells us more in our #FHWSPodcast.

Spoken language as a means of communication is nothing new for humans. We find it very convenient. It should not come as a surprise that we also like to control tools like Alexa and Siri with our voices. The algorithms underlying these applications are growing in complexity and size. The solution involves artificial intelligence (AI) that can be controlled by means of command words. Prof. Martin Spiertz, head of communication engineering, is working with students from his course on voice control to develop a special algorithm for this application.

For details on how voice control is applied there in teaching and research and what the students are currently working on, listen to our #FHWSPodcast.

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